This event was hosted by LCT UK – Wednesday 15th June 2022 12-2 pm BST 


This ResTES workshop provides an introduction to Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) and how it can be used to inform scholarship and enhance practice in EAP. LCT is a theoretical framework for researching and improving education and is fast becoming a valuable addition to the EAP practitioner’s toolkit and knowledge base. Participants will hear from a number of practitioners working in EAP and allied HE fields about educationally oriented work they have conducted with LCT and the benefits of drawing on the perspectives and tools that it offers. Project focuses include student academic writing, curriculum and assessment design, classroom pedagogy and teacher education. The session will include an opportunity for some data analysis using an LCT lens and breakout discussions for questions, enabling participants to explore how LCT might work for them. 


Sherran Clarence is the Doctoral Training Manager at Nottingham Trent and the author of Turning access into success. Improving university education with Legitimation Code Theory (Routledge 2021). 

Steve Kirk is Head of Academic Language and Communication at Durham Centre for Academic Development. Steve has drawn upon LCT in EAP practice since 2013 and has more recently authored several related articles and book chapters. 

David Munn is a Lecturer in ELT at the University of Sussex. David has used LCT’s Semantic Gravity dimension to inform the curriculum design of insessional EAP modules he delivers to international students. He has recently published an article that analyses the transfer of Semantic Gravity from his teaching contexts to his students’ disciplinary writing assignments. 

Daniel O’Sullivan is an EAP practitioner and PhD candidate at the university of Leeds. He is interested in exploring and improving EAP/ESP practices through the enactment of LCT concepts. 

Anna-Vera Sigsgaard is an Associate Professor in Danish as a Second Lan­guage at the University College of Copenhagen. She teaches pre- and in-service teachers in the areas of second language education, literacy development, and language teaching pedagogy. She also teach­es courses in academic writing in English for PhD students. Her research draws on elements from both LCT and systemic functional linguistics. 

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